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Mobility is a key factor determining quality of life for our energetic pets. As our pooches and pusses age, their daily activity will start to place stress on their joints. Eventually, their movement will be slowed and limited. Thankfully, leading-edge technology and thorough investigation has brought about some relief.

Oceanique’s Nutracellular Joint Regeneration supplement is essential for supporting and extending your companion’s mobility. Our high potency Ginger Extract helps to manage inflammation and enhance flexibility. The natural elements of ginger are notorious for their healing benefits.

The Ginger Extract biologically actives Undenatured Type II Collagen and interacts with your pet’s immune system to target Collagen specific T-Cells to prevent to breakdown of joints and cartilage. At the end of the day, it means your dog or cat can experience a fulfilling life with reduced pain and increased activity.

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